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Voulume: 9
Issue: 5
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Article No. 1
Network Security Attacks and Defence
Centre For Advanced Studies, Aktu, Lucknow (India)
Centre For Advanced Studies, Aktu, Lucknow (India)
Abstract :

Network security plays an important role in our today’s world of internet. Now-a-days everything of our life is connected to the internet, so network security is more important. It is important in military, government, organizations, and even our daily life. So, we should have knowledge about the attacks. What types of the attacks should be happened. Having the knowledge, how the attacks are executed we can protect ourselves. Now different type of methods is adopted to bypass it. The structure of internet allowed to occur many threats itself. The entire field of network security is very huge and in changing stage. The range of the study enclose the current development in network security and attacks. This paper briefly outlines the concepts of network security, different attack methods which are used, as well as different defense mechanisms against them.

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Article No. 2
Performance improvement by Software controlled Cache Architecture
ASIC Engineer Nvidia Corporation Bangalore (India)
Abstract :

In advanced multimedia communication based systems, performance improvement is one of the most important issues. In communication applications which are data intensive, major portion of processor power is consumed by data caches. The cache architecture cannot be taken care of specifically for an application in case of an integrated communication system. As a result, a big amount of cache memory is not used. In the following paper, a softwarecontrolled cache architecture has been proposed, which improves the energy efficiency of the shared cache in an integrated communication based system. Data types are allocated for an application for different cache regions. Only the allocated cache regions are activated. The effectiveness of software-controlled cache after integration is tested in a communication based System on chip. The results show the performance improvement of the system on chip upto a huge level on ARM-like cache architecture.

Keyword : performance improvement, cache memory, energy efficiency, software cache
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Article No. 3
Design and Implementation of Traffic Light Control by Emergency Service Vehicles
Department of Computer Science and Engineering, College of Engineering and Technology (CEAT), IUBAT- International University of Business Agriculture and Technology, Bangladesh, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Department of Mathematical Sciences, Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University (ATBU), Bauchi, Nigeria
Abstract :

In today’s world, cities have become crowded with a lot of vehicles, which have lead to congestions on the roads. The time spent in traffic jams has greatly increased and this has become not only an annoying problem but also poses a very difficult problem to emergency service vehicles like the ambulances, fire services, etc. which cannot get to their destinations in time. They are to wait for the roads to be cleared and by the time they get to their destinations, it might just be too late to do anything useful. This study was therefore aimed at solving this problem by designing a means of allowing emergency service vehicles to be able to control the traffic signal so as to reduce the time spent in road junctions by changing the traffic light signal from red to green along the lanes. The circuitry of this work comprises digital IC components like timers and operational amplifiers. It also has other components like diodes, resistors, capacitors, transformers,
transistors, LEDs and microphone. The entire system was initially constructed on a bread board and then transferred to a vero board. It consisted of four units: the power supply, the logic control, the detection and the traffic light display units. At each stage of the circuit construction, tests were carried out to verify that they were working and giving the expected output.

Keyword : Traffic light control, Emergency service vehicle
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