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Voulume: 10
Issue: 6
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Article No. 1
On observing the Animal ecology through Internet of Things (IoT)
Department of Physics, Government PG College, Una (H.P.) (India)-174303
Galgotias College of Engineering & Technology, Greater Noida (U.P.)-201306 (India)
Department of Zoology, Pandit Sant Ram Government Degree College, Baijnath (H.P.)-176125 (India)
Abstract :

It is very tough for anecologist to understand the behavior of an animal with respect to the environmental changes. However, a framework of sensors net worked to gether, can help to measure even the slight changes taking place in the environmental of a particular area, and thus can help to have a better understanding of the wild life parameters. These networks can even provide a data, helpful in understanding the reasons of mass extinction and thus can help to overcome species loss. This paper has been aimed to highlight the aspects related to present day fate of the conventional detection technology, Introduction of a new technology, Internet to Things (IoT) in ethology and finally the positive and negative sides of this technology. After observing the facts (vide supra), we can conclude that Internet of Things (IoT) offer a better option for understating the animal ecology.

Keyword : Animal ecosystem, environmental monitoring, technology, Internet of Things
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