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Voulume: 10
Issue: 4
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Article No. 1
Mitigating Carbon Footprint via Efficient Green Cloud Computing: A Review
Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Brac University Dhaka (Bangladesh)
Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Anwer Khan Modern University Dhaka (Bangladesh)
Abstract :

The huge percentage of dependency on computerisation in the present world has led to adverse effects on the global climate and environment beyond the imagination of mankind, awareness of which, interestingly is little. Consumers often wonder what kind of effects computerisation can cause since computers, internet, storage devices, etc. do not emit smoke like vehicles which is known to be the commonest example of greenhouse gas emission. This paper brings forth the effects caused by a recent growing field in the world of computing known as cloud computing in relation to global warming; the various types of researches carried out to overcome and handle the growing issues; making edge computing environmental friendly by reducing energy consumption, carbon gas emission, e-waste disposal and recycling in relation to green computing or green IT, which encompasses of environmental sustainable practices. Green edge computing aims at increasing energy efficiency, reducing environmental hazards, improving life span and working efficiency of devices in cloud data centres and reducing electronic waste disposal and implementation of which is hoped to have positive impacts on the global climate

Keyword : Carbon Footprint, Cloud computing, Edge Computing, e-Waste Disposal
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