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Voulume: 8
Issue: 1
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Article No. 1
Critical Analysis of Various Cryptographic Algorithms
1NITTTR Bhopal (India
2UIT, Barkatullah University, Bhopal (India)
Abstract :

Now a day mostly people are doing their daily routine digitally, because current era is based on information and communication technology. But security is one of the most important and challenging issues in this technological world. As per the literature analysis there is a demand for a encryption which should be strong and efficient. Cryptography is a private secure communication in the public world. Cryptography is a technique of protecting secure information from hacking and cracking by unauthorized individuals and converting it into unintelligible form. It provides authentication, identification to user data, confidentiality and also provides security and privacy to the data stored. It is an emerging technology in the area of network security. There is a broad range of cryptographic algorithms that are used for securing networks and presently continuous researches on the new cryptographic algorithms are going on for evolving more advanced techniques for secures communication. The main objective of this paper is to study the basic terms used in
cryptography, its purpose and to compare the encryption techniques used in cryptography.

Keyword : Cryptography, Encryption, Decryption, Symmetric key, Asymmetric key
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Article No. 2
Software Defined Networks (SDN): Approaches Needed for Up-gradation of SDN’s
1Department of Computer Science, Himachal Pradesh University, Summer Hill, Shimla (India)
2Department of Computer Science, Himachal Pradesh University, Summer Hill, Shimla (India)
Abstract :

SDN has changed the way of thinking about networks. SDN networks are flexible, scalable and easily manageable. Application that runs on the management plane actually utilize the network efficiency, So application developed should be capable of handling the controllers functionality. Each of the application that runs should be free from viruses, so that it does not affect the controller. Also we need to increase the level of security in all layers of the SDN architecture. SDN is growing faster and faster and it has reached the platform where we can also apply other fields concepts. Now SDN researcher are looking for the overcome the existing drawback. So that it can even support heterogeneous networks in a very smooth and flexible way.

Keyword : SDN, OpenFlow, Resilience, Security
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